(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This thrilling Bidjov Shirvan holds the undeniable fascination this exciting style is known to deliver through transmogrified rams horns, louvered X-shaped sunbursts, and esoteric polygons. All of these supercharged motifs have gone artistically above and beyond what they were meant to represent. A parade of endless knot flowers line the perimeter of the field, accompanied by pairs of tiny crosses guiding them on their way. Its provocative visual language is amplified by magical colors juxtaposed in a way that perfectly exhibits the collection of vigorous, abstract designs. A deep midnight blue ground makes the perfect backdrop set off these keenly rendered colorways, combined in gleefully diverse iterations more wide-ranging than a double rainbow. Saffron yellow, burnt carnelian, and glowing seafoam green meet amber, ivory, and powder blue, just to name a few of the many magnificent hues present. The borders in this rug are quite novel, with the central band containing enigmatic contoured rosettes paced by checkered triangular amulet devices. This tribal tour-de-force is preserved in medium pile condition, making this rug as versatile as it is charming.

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