(High-Decorative) Widely sought after for their understated elegance, antique Indian Amrtisars, such as this sublime 150-year-old carpet with its rare oversize dimensions, substantially support the creation of memorably designed rooms with their exotic chromatic accents and overall light effect. Although its gold, cocoa, dusty rose, and mauve colors are extraordinarily subtle, this elegant piece has a compelling visual presence due to the glow of patina across its surface. The great clarity of its formal design, the result of its fine knotting, presents palmettes, cloudbands and myriad small botanical motifs all floating on the luxurious alabaster toned field. The classical border inspired by Persian Safavid carpets of the 16th century imbues this incomparable decorative carpet both with beauty and a sense of tradition. The extremely good condition of this 19th century carpet makes it a practical choice as well.