(High-Decorative) This incredibly upbeat Serapi in the rare seen smaller size possesses a lyrical, rarely encountered allover design with a rich naturally dyed palette in sparkling technicolor. It is a refreshing anomaly among Serapi, which traditionally feature pronounced center medallions. Illumined against a deep midnight field, an ebullient rainbow garden of stylized leaves, dazzling blossoms, and feathery palmettes dangle from a wire-thin, glowing golden filigree matrix in champagne tones, incandescent tangerine, and cardinal red. Observe the great dimensionality created by dark outlining of the chrysanthemums and irises in the lushly unfolding border. Notable is its unifying usage of verdant, highly expressive and rare shades of jadeite green. This rug's uncommon 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 format lends it great versatility, and its superb, extremely durable craftsmanship in nearly full pile condition ensures the eminent practicality of this memorable villag

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