(High-Decorative) Kashan carpets comprise one of the most important of the elegant urban rug traditions that are the direct legacy of the Golden Age of Persian Weaving of the 16th and early 17th centuries. The Dabir workshop of this fabled city consistently produced very finely woven, lushly detailed patterns in pinpoint detail. A gracefully outlined medallion rests upon a profusion of botanical abundance and demonstrates the theme of architecturally inspired contours intermingled with organic tracery like an ancient vine-covered chateau. A diversity of Kashan jewel tones are sprinkled throughout the crimson reserve, including arctic blue, juniper green, dusky rose, and butter creme, each an integral part of its symphony of color. Sweeping garlands and seashell palmettes conduct the rhythm of the primary border and visually counterbalance the lush foliage of the field. This mint condition, century-old carpet retains lush pile and would see decades of floor use ahead.

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