(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Offering attentive delicacy of line and a magnificent array of glistening jewel colors, this is a top-flight, extremely finely knotted representative of early 20th century Kashan weaving. A radial medallion shines with crystal clarity, while its evocative inner core blushes with translucent celadon. Understated pendants are surrounded by a dazzling variety of flame palmettes, wreathes, stylized peonies, daisies, and other etched blossoms populating a contoured carmine reserve. Unique cornerpieces bracket the field and provide their own virtuoso petit-point floral designs, featuring equally masterful dye work, including a deeply saturated midnight sapphire ground. Of specific note are the curled "paisley" motifs that markedly shift in their hues. This interplay of forms and colors is anchored by the stately frame, also embellished with intricate floral patterning. The condition of this more than 100 year old carpet is outstanding.