(High-Decorative) With elegance and grace, this exceptional, this 19th-century Laver Kirman area size antique Persian Laver Kirman rug offers splendor and innovation within the classical tradition. A luxurious center medallion appears to be almost three-dimensional. This is dexterously encircled by very finely drawn naturalistic vinery that links ornate boteh (paisley-like motifs). Its very finely drawn swirling vinery contributes a palatable sense of movement to this perfectly symmetrical antique carpet. The sumptuous palette of this entirely naturally dyed Persian Court-style rug includes a profusion of extremely well-dyed, time-softened deep rose hues used to striking effect. Note as well its exotic soft celadon-hued main border. Its very good pile condition makes this rug as durable as it is elegant.

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