(High-Decorative) This nomadically regal runner is a product of the storied traditions and history found in the cultural milieu of the northwest Azerbaijan region of Persia, with a design based on camelhair versions from Serab. Connecting each floating "stepping stone" medallion is a chain of casually drawn serrated leaves originating from a mysterious double hook motif and ultimately leading to a pendant at the far end. The slight bowing of each chain implies lateral drift, immediately transforming what could have been a static design into one imbued with movement and visual interest. The showcase crimson hue is incredibly saturated and striated with a gentle rippling texture through an abrash technique applied with utter finesse. An exciting series of borders surround the spacious reserve with dazzling diamonds and double chevrons in the ivory main band. Its heavier pile condition makes it perfect for even heavily trafficked areas.

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