(High-Decorative) This unusually diminutive 19th-century Qashqai tribal rug in heavier-pile condition presents charming patterning, extraordinarily silky wool and an extremely well-dyed palette. The Qashqai aesthetic is presented in a distinctively sweet manner, its drawing nave but with painstaking details, its colors uplifting. Here, the dark blue and deep red combination traditional to Persian carpets is replaced by a glowing copper accented by walnut and saffron shades that broadens the spread of the color palette. Unique to this areas pattern vocabulary, a boteh-shaped motif appears twelve times within the field, the ancient desert symbol for the potential of the seed, for the magic of life to grow. From each iteration of the boteh, a flower in full bloom bursts further. Apricot and rich gold, along with an ivory base in both the corners and border, amplify this little gems infectious spirit.

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