(High-Decorative) Among the rarely seen group of area size Serapi rugs, we seldom see another with such mesmerizing beauty and excellent, heavy-pile condition as this jewel-toned 5x6 piece. Its scale of design alone quite innovatively uses the regional pattern language to great success. Eschewing the grand Serapi centerpiece, here an undersized rosette medallion centers the overscale blossoming vinery and unusual anchor motifs in the corner pieces. The heavily ornamented border suite provides a highly effective counterbalance to the spaciousness of the field pattern, as harmony is created through echoing its blues, greens, roses, and golds, leaving the carnelian red to the field alone. An unusually fine weave for a Serapi rug coupled with exceptionally lustrous wool and a regal palette create an overall effect of profound drama and an overriding sense of sweetness.

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