(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This resplendent Persian Serapi reverently presents all the most classic attributes of this much-loved style, creating a memorable artistic experience. An irrepressible, energetic spirit is conveyed by the glowing signature red of the field, supported by this style's weavers' always inventive creation at the loom. This carpet's "fresh take" on the traditional Serapi eight-point medallion design is a good example. A magical Window to Eternity gleams a deep gold from a starburst framework at the center and is chromatically mirrored by four petals arranged in ordinal directions. Gigantic spiky fan pendants are tucked in closely to the massive centerpiece, surrounded by jubilant unfurling flora. The vast corner spandrels are alternate worlds in themselves, with variations of an exotically stylized theme awash in a harmonious display of magnificent color. The deft hue shifts found across the surface of this carpet were intentional and remain hypnotic, luring the viewer with their gradual textures. A swarm of tiny florets reminiscent of flurries of spring cherry blossoms engulfs the rhythmic leaf and rosette sequence in the indigo primary frame. In addition to providing very good pile condition, this piece would make a terrific contribution to a casual family space or a room with art objects that need a unifying touch.

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