(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This dynamic Serapi creates an effortless visual harmony by balancing powerful and more delicate elements, given ample space to fully inhabit the woolen canvas. The village weavers poured their spirit and imagination into actualizing this rugs potential through an age-old recipe of classical forms mixed with intuitive new designs, fully expressed through erudite juxtapositions of organic plant dyes. Four large fronds in midnight blue dominate the center, balancing delicately on slender ivory vines, enveloping the vertical pendant staves that originate from a circular Window to Eternity. In the spandrel zones, an almost psychedelic botanical assemblage fills the uppermost corners while those below undergo a gentle compression to create a subtle sense of downward movement. Iridescent verdigris, brass, burgundy, and rich coral are among the palettes purposeful gradations of color, or abrash technique, that animate every surreal motif. All hues emit a glow particular to the high-quality wool used in its construction. The hand-drawn Shah Abbas border pattern provides an appropriately under-scale counterpoint to the splendor of the field.

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