(High-Decorative) The softly abrashed, deep brick-red field of this compelling Persian Sultanabad oversize carpet presents a spaciously ornate allover pattern, consisting of a dazzling variety of floral groupings. Expressed in a dynamic diversity of flowerheads and elegantly curling leaves, the wide-ranging palette is highlighted by teal, azure, midnight blue, olive, taupe, marigold, salmon, sky blue, and ivory, creating radiant color contrasts. Its main border adds contrast and simplicity with a series of palmettes and rosettes interrupted by geometric oak leaves on a cobalt blue base, while two pairs of secondary borders of repeating boteh (Seeds of Life) and meandering flowerheads flank it. With a warm and lyrical ambiance, this antique 12x17 carpet offers the flexibility that classic Persian Town weaving, emphasizing casual interpretations of floral themes, can bring to a contemporary dcor.