(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") With its bold naturally dyed colorways juxtaposed with the warm undyed camelhair reserve, this 125-year-old piece possesses an incredibly upbeat personality. Upon a rare camelhair field in eye-catching vertical alignment, serrated hexagons encapsulate blooming pinecones, the signature motif of Sauj Bulaq, a Kurdish village in Azerbaijan. Deep vermillion and hunter green are skillfully integrated with bronzed burgundy, Tuscan yellow and apricot by a weaver with a highly astute sense of color theory. The parchment main border allows the traditional oak leaf and wine glass design to morph into oak leaves and elemental, dichromatically striped Trees of Life'. Infectiously charming, its minimalist design, highly versatile size and heavy pile condition insure this winsome Kurdish rug will bring much warmth to whatever space it inhabits.

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