(High-Decorative) This large area-size camelhair piece is the teddy bear of antique Kurdish tribal rugs. Offering a remarkably plush pile for having been cut off the loom over 130 years ago, it is still really cushy underfoot, further expressing its affable nature with a spectrum of natural medium browns. When seeing it, a longtime collector chuckled, Its so-o-o Kurdish, meaning that it emanates a particular joy, a festive simplicity, and seemingly endless nuance of tone and pattern. Its design is pretty grown-up, one could say, classic, in a tribal fashion. The balance obtained by instinctive scaling of the elongated hexagons, numerous flower faces, and the ambitious diagonal striped border shows the ease of a mature weaver. Soft accents of coral, golden chamomile, teal green, and Delph blue have a purity of tone that comes from knowing how long to keep wool, here of exceptional quality, in the dye pot.