(High-Decorative) An extraordinary technical feat of planning, weaving prowess, and virtuoso dye-work, this extremely finely woven Laver Kirman offers astounding beauty and consummate craftsmanship. On a golden sand ground, bouquets splay from diminutive glowing vases, with lavish crystalline floral sprays of diverse species abounding with the glory of a royal garden in bloom. A wonderfully under-scaled lotus medallion allows the viewer to focus on the spectacularly rhythmic cornucopia of flowers and fine vinery that adorn it. Unfathomably rich, splendiferous color combinations dazzle the eye and warm the spirit with every shimmering hue of ruby, Olympic blue, guava, burnished gold, lilac, and rare-to-find shades of green harmoniously fusing in a regal symphony of chromatic delight. In unusual small room size dimensions, dense, extraordinarily soft luxuriant lambs wool pile enhances the immense appeal of this opulent court carpet.