(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") One can always expect the unexpected from the innovative Malayer village weavers, or we should say, you can always count on their numerous happy surprises. Enlivened by deeply appealing jewel tones and a clear, open design, this exquisite antique Mishin Malayer rug achieves a level of daring and sophistication. Its luminous ivory ground glows allowing ample space for the fantastical, exuberantly flowering double Trees of Life to unfold across this canvas from their origins in enchanted vases. Invigorating shades of fiery carnelian impart an appealing, energetic quality, while luscious azure and sage green add a cooling balance to this enigmatic atmosphere. A realistically depicted menagerie of maned lions, leopards, and other large creatures circumambulate the field in a curious procession. Extreme fineness of weave reveals the technical mastery of 19th-century weavers, and heavy pile condition is another testament to this unusual rugs intriguing qualities.

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