(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") The more casual rugged drawing style of this undyed camelhair runner from northwestern Azerbaijani Persia reflects the village heritage of over one hundred years ago while at the same time seeming almost modern in its abstractness and bold use of rich color hues. This charming rug offers a series of panels that are vibrant snapshots into the artistic mind of these semi-nomadic weavers whose creations distilled the natural world into geometric forms with dualistic purpose, laden with symbolic meaning. Blossoms become diamond-studded emblems and directional arrows, and enigmatic polygons. At the far end, a duplicate of the nearest panel in this image is only partially visible, giving the impression of conveyor-like movement. Myriad improvisations abound to challenge the viewer to discover every nuance of this handcrafted connoisseurs piece. A series of unique borders depict bold, succinct meanders and pixellated jigsaw sequences of glowing color. The outer margin offers floating rhombi with S motif inclusions at both ends. Distinctive pieces like this were often woven in small tribal encampments and are famed for their earthy, geometric themes that are so compatible with modern architecture and interior decor. Its durable, heavier pile condition means it could easily withstand even heavier traffic.

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