(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This magnetic over 140-year-old Serapi rug, from the stylized floral Persian village tradition of Northwest Persia, is a symphonic room-size carpet featuring constant exquisite striation. Though the carpets medallion is majestic, the varying hues of strawberry red are exceptionally serene, the opposite of highly saturated tones from the same dyestuff. This quite original palette expresses a palpable, incredibly tranquil, reflective mood. Featured dramatically in the centerpiece, cerulean and azure blue create the visual sensation of depth and dimension, while celadon and seafoam green add a secondary layer of contrast to the chromatic spectrum of raspberry, flesh tone, and pale rose hues that complete this beguiling rug. The scale and individuation of each flower and leaf in this piece capture the flowing, expressive drawing found only in finer, earlier representatives of this style.

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