(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This nearly 10 x 13 antique village carpet from the perennially beloved Serapi tradition is in superb pile condition and combines its classic faceted medallion and corner-piece format. A folkloric quality that expresses the Serapi character is on full display. Its central kaleidoscopic design is essentially three medallions in one overscale composition that commands the parchment-toned reserve supporting overscale flame pendants. Even "symmetrically" paired floral elements on either side of the carpet's centerline are individual artistic expressions, where no two flowers or leaves are drawn in the same way. This ingenious spirit of subtle fluidity is multiplied by the rug's color-shifting sunset reds, corals and its apricot, gold, and boldly incorporated citrine hues that are ineffably balanced by a range of light to mid-toned blues and sea greens. A lyrical rendition of the Shah Abbas palmette border supports this rug's wonderfully balanced yet improvisational ethos, where every element is a new variation on the theme. Having observed this style for decades, we have seen how clients often gravitate to the distinctive Serapi aesthetic as these carpets uniquely balance and personalize humble or grand surroundings.

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