(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") It is often ideal to offer a subtle earth-toned underlayment for a grand living or dining room. This superb condition 125-year-old Tabriz carpet brings a suave sophistication to its palace-size dimensions. Across its glistening surface, a quietly buzzing interpretation of the classical Herati pattern is a dexterously executed, artistic veil. Its excellent quality is seen in that even its most petit designs are drawn with much clarity. Enjoy its layers of antique color, refined interconnected patterns, and exemplary detail work, all resulting from astonishingly fine knotting and the tremendous overall artistic sensitivity of its designers. A symphony of turquoise, cerulean, and sapphire blues intermingle with buff, apricot, and crme, endowing the subtle medallion format with astonishing beauty through a beguiling study in quiet splendor. Its elegant, seven-frame border is based around a seldom-seen mocha tone in the primary band where swirling leaf and vine wends their way through large-scale flower heads. Its extremely rare dimensions and exceedingly good condition make this mesmerizing carpet an incredible find indeed. Its consummate construction and color mastery from a bygone era will never be repeated again.

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