(High-Decorative) This lavish antique Tehran rug delights its viewer with an enrapturing dance between sumptuous color and gorgeous design. Although technically in the center medallion style, it also appears as an allover pattern rug with a focal point. Metallic vinery intertwines with rosy blossoms in the ivory reserve like a trail left behind by an enraptured dervish. With naturally dyed warm mid-range tones sparkling against alternating areas of midnight indigo, Burma ruby, French blue, and undyed ivory, the splendor of this finely crafted city weaving is only enhanced. Ever so sparingly, a rich golden-yellow color appears in the upper half, offering a glinting golden highlight derived from precious saffron. Almost precisely halfway down the rug, this hue yields a much more subtle shade of peach, one of many almost imperceptible details that reward the studious onlooker. Billowy peonies in the main border are embraced by colorful flowering vinery. This elegant floral piece is in excellent pile condition, adding a luxuriant tactile dimension to an already impressive visual treat.

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