(High-Decorative) The finest antique Persian carpets that emulate the style and colors of the master rug weaver, Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili), are widely sought after, especially for their earthy color palette, superb craftsmanship and excellent condition reminiscent of the older Court style. With a distinctively organic character, the exquisitely sculpted botanicals are remarkably varied throughout the field much like the layout of a lush garden. The singular blossom medallion with each of its individual ivory petals holding a diminutive flourishing tree reveals a mature designer. Its distinctive palette of warm earth tones, including exotic shades of olive green and moss add to the verdant ambiance created. Preserved in excellent condition, the elegance and grace of this antique Persian carpet will be enjoyed for many years to come. (Featured in our catalog, Vol. 26. No. 3, p.10)