(High-Decorative) This perpetually intriguing Afshan Kuba is a highly original example of irrepressible Caucasian artistry and ingenuity. Using the famed Afshan deconstructed dragon motif to articulated a grid-like format was heretofore unknown to us. Within this clever enclosure, blazing carnelian starflowers are emboldened with ivory outlining while others recede through expertly subtle color juxtaposition. Adding a gratifying sense of depth to this piece, dexterously arranged blue colorways from Egyptian to bright sky combine with burnished gold and shades of sea green, are bolstered by a courageous and successful abrash treatment (i.e. intentional color shifts) throughout. Filled with happy surprises, notice how the bottom outer guard border of this rug is totally unique to the composition, suddenly changing in color and design. Perhaps it was there that the weaver found her stride. This small genine tribal rug offers very good condition.

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