(High-Decorative) Superb craftsmanship and a warm, inviting color palette imbue this superb early 20th century Persian Manchester Kashan rug with tremendously compelling charisma. A unique historical artifact, it employs a luxurious, ultra-soft lambs wool imported for only a short time from the mills of Manchester, England. The pattern of this exquisite piece is rendered with crystal clarity, with the profuse lyrical vinery and flora virtually lifting off of the field. The subtle abrash color variations lend a sun-dappled effect to the richly blazing salamander red field, while numerous blossoms and florets are luminously highlighted with notes of bright azure, each woven with life-like verisimilitude and exquisite detail. This melodic, extremely finely knotted area-size rug also offers sumptuous, heavier pile condition.

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