(High-Decorative) Rug production from the small village of Bibikabad in the northwest region of Persia was almost exclusively small rugs and short runners made by individual artistic weavers in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Within the design matrix of this heavier-pile camelhair piece, organic and angular drawing styles meet with profoundly charming results. Uniquely rendered extensions from the fringed shield medallion evolve into enchantingly unusual olive-hued cypress tree pendants in the alabaster reserve. In the lower navy blue cornerpieces, tiny austere falcons and endearing white Marandi chickens appear among various towering flower forms. Intriguingly, the top and bottom sections of the main border contain a pattern of motifs and spacing that differ from the vertical. Although technically unresolved, each seamlessly flow into one another with the confidence only an experienced weaver can manifest.(INQUIRE ABOUT THIS RUG AT CLAREMONT 2

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