(High-Decorative) The high mountains surrounding the Azerbaijani village of Karaja undoubtedly provided the inspiration for this vigorous, distinctive weaving style, a successful admixture drawn from both Caucasian and Persian sources. With its symmetrically balanced, sharply drawn pair of architectural medallions flanking a blazing sunburst central motif, and its deeply saturated, naturally dyed palette, this superb example gives full voice to the unique Karaja aesthetic. Within the firebrick red field abstract slender stemmed flowers, triangular tasseled talismans, flashing polychrome checkerboards, and other uniquely stylized rosettes comprise one of the most jubilant and varied ensembles of supporting ornamentation we have seen in this rug type. This durably constructed piece in high-pile condition exudes a palpable festivity that would easily translate to any home.

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