(High-Decorative) Less often found than their ever-popular Mahajiran cousins, Lillihan Sarouk rugs are shimmering reflections of a transitional period between the 19th century and early 20th-century Persian styles. Strikingly graphic and highly varied, fantastical floral structures like a garden of earthly delights bloom in cerulean and peacock blue from a scaled-down central lotus rosette and spontaneously manifest within an incredibly spacious, subtly color-shifting terra cotta ground. In the place of corner spandrels, stylized papyrus-esque flowers emerge, harkening to the coming Art-Deco movement. Paled desert rose, soft celadon, cinnamon, burnished gold, oak, and teak tones are all present, contributing great visual depth and interest to this absolutely charming, space-friendly rug. Its casual elegance, time softened natural dyes and extremely good floor condition create a lovely ambiance appropriate for many placements throughout the home.

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