(Connoisseur-Caliber) This ultra-sophisticated oversize Tabriz city carpet offers exquisitely drawn rosettes, fanciful boteh seeds (precursors to paisley), and lively botanical motifs in glorious profusion throughout the deep madder red reserve around a cathedral rose window medallion. Each element is arranged with balanced symmetry to create an eloquent and unique composition. This very finely woven carpet's primary color is enriched by supportive hues of cool cerulean, parchment, indigo, and punctuations of saffron-derived buttercup yellow. It is conjoined, flowingly scalloped spandrels are the home to opulent ribbon fringed bouquets centered around fanlike palmettes that spill out into the luminous surround. There is no doubt that this formal room-size carpet will contribute an ambiance of splendor and mesmerizing artistry in any room. Even at 130-140 years of age, its consummate construction, quite fine knotting, and heavy pile combine to ensure tr

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