(High-Decorative) Unusually elemental, this unpretentious composition exudes the irrepressible folk charm that is so prized by enthusiasts of the the Kurdish Camelhair genre. Its nimble weaver, accustomed to finding innovative ways to create new visual paradigms in rustic conditions, has adroitly used slightly varying shades of undyed camel hues for a more visually appealing textured effect. The rippled expanse is an effective backdrop to the medallion assemblage positioned off-center; notice how the outlining has been softened along the same horizon across the border suite featuring slender ivory and firebrick bands of uniquely rendered blossoms. This unknown artist also left behind a jewel-shaped S-glyph, vestigial of ancient Zoroastrian lore, hovering over an altar-like elemental flower form and two mysterious dark inclusions near the bottom of the field, likely intended to reify the concept of earthly imperfection compared to the divine.

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