(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("Featured in our new print catalog") This carpet's overall shimmering golden aura highlights deft contrasts of light and shade, epitomizing the maverick work overseen by a Tabriz carpet designer in the 19th century, Hadji Jallili. The majority of his work eschewed the traditional Persian palette of madder reds and indigo blues, although not abandoning the commitment to very fine weaves to which all Persian City workshops ascribed. This combination of delicate to mid-toned palettes and intricate knotting allowed for the subtlest of effects and showcased a wide range of muted hues from cool mint and celery greens to warm blush and apricot hues. Characteristic dramatic restraint for this style is exemplified by a maximum chromatic contrast between the auburn reserve and the celadon-based zones in the field. This Hadji Jallili Tabriz also presents a universe of flora that populates its every inch. With precise symmetry through which move undulating cloud bands and vinery, the composition offers a sinuous, naturalistic ambiance. Crisply woven details are everywhere. Ethereal corner spandrels enclose arabesque vinery and peony flowerheads tendrils weaving through the matrices, while primary border features multiple archways. Examples such as this piece at 150 years old or older are, at this point, quite rare to find and we are happy to attest that this one remains in very good condition.

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