(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Seldom is there a carpet with such a grand "canvas" this visionary, created to fill a sizable space with a resounding declaration of beauty and tapestry-esque celebration of nature. A diverse showcase of avian species awaits discovery amidst the abundance of flowering trees and bushes created on a golden backdrop meticulously yielded from turmeric and extremely costly saffron. Additional denizens animate this exquisite pleasure garden where leaping chinkara gazelles and resting fallow deer live with rambunctious rabbits between stately domed pavilions. The ambitious menagerie continues into the primary border with gamboling lambs and wise old birds among a sparkling technicolor landscape. Connoisseurs of Persian city rugs know to look out for top quality Kashan carpets woven with sumptuously tactile Manchester wool, among the finest grades ever used, and, happily, this glorious carpet still shimmers with primarily heavy pile.

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