(High-Decorative) Created by a nomadic weaver on a simply constructed portable loom, this folk art piece offers the seldom seen Dahaj substyle. Possibly woven as part of a dowry, this lively rug features a series of modern-looking architectural vases proudly holding stylized flowers that dangle outside with a mobile-like aesthetic. The wide range of scale from tiny buds and weavers combs to mid-sized diagonally scored rectangles and squared rosettes up to the substantial vases provides a fascinatingly kinetic visual paradigm. Rich Afshar colors wrought from natural dyestuffs glow in fiery reds, persimmon, ochre, jungle green, and sparkling cobalt blue, emphasizing each design element on undyed karakul sheeps wool. A saturated border suite of blossom chains aptly contrasts the ivory field and pulls together its interior details. This timeless artwork with extraordinarily durable heavy pile, would effortlessly enliven an already embellished space.

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