(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Northwest Persian rugs are renowned for their effortlessly charming geometric themes, often composed with bold, dramatic motifs such as are present in this artful 13 1/2 long runner. A series of rich vermilion hexagonal medallions gleam like fiery jewels and are linked together by cross-adorned diamonds. Each lights the way along an unadorned golden camelhair field gently textured by graceful ripples of abrash, containing a unique design based on arrow-like devices known as the four directions in rug literature. Its borders transition from diagonal bars and eight-pointed Stars of Wisdom connected by wire-thin vinery to a reciprocal Fence of Security in monumental proportions, finalized by a wide camel band that successfully ties the composition together with the interior. In high demand at less than three feet in width, this superb runner would harmonize with almost any decorative scheme. Its high luminosity, virtually full pile make it highly suitable for heavier traffic locations.

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