(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Early Chi Chi rugs in the Kuba region near the Caspian Sea are coveted by enthusiasts of Caucasian weavings due to their rarity on the market and for being the most finely knotted of tribal weaves. Its detailed mosaic pattern of hooked lozenges and tertiary symbols demonstrate the consummate technical dexterity of its tribal weavers, placing this very early art rug well within the connoisseur's category. Its irregular assignment of color is an artistic technique that expert weavers used to create liveliness within a highly structured pattern without compromising the overall harmony. A wealth of continually shifting time-ripened hues of moss and celadon green, terra cotta, sand, tangerine, and azure assure unlimited visual appeal. The charm of this gem is greatly accentuated by its 3x4 mat size, virtually never seen in the Chi Chi style. At 170 years, the originally low-cut pile has garnered a gentle patina.

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