(High-Decorative) This approximately 130-year-old runner exemplifies the vigorous aesthetic and deeply appealing natural palette that makes the most artful antique weavings from the Kurdish tribe so popular among our clientele. Enthralling the viewer is a host of inventive, stylized flowering sprigs resulting from a highly appealing folk art creativity expressed through an accomplished hand. Set upon a luminous camelhair field, the festive sprouting flower motifs are all individually rendered while aligned in pleasantly rhythmic rows. The charm of its patterning, combined with an emotive color palette, is destined to brighten even the most somber hallways. Elegantly proportioned borders present reciprocal crenellations and artful geometric meandering vines that act as a "Fence of Security" for the blossoming golden meadow. This runner has come to us with a very good pile allowing for decades of enjoyable strolls along its surface.

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