(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This is one of the most well-expressed rugs from the hybrid Serapi-Heriz substyle we have ever offered. Combining the refinement and sophisticated ambiance of Serapis with the vigor and spirit of Heriz works, this singular turn-of-the-20th-century carpet offers a unique visage and energy to its stylized floral visage. Introducing a rare sapphire blue backdrop for the blossom-laden reserve, a scintillating aqua blue medallion with palmette pendants becomes the mesmerizing focus, reminiscent of an elaborate peristylium fountain that extends into adjacent "pools". The expert abrash color striations create the appearance of a sun-dappled, rippling surface. A collection of elements embedded in the corner pieces reflects the medallion, perfectly balancing the many-faceted field pattern. Woven in the mountains of Persian Azerbaijan, every imaginative graphic design is joyfully filled with time-matured color. This skillfully executed art-level carpet would comfortably enhance any contemporary or traditional decor with its evocative abstract botanical motifs and luminous, perennially attractive hues. Its good pile and heavier handle mean it is as durable as enchanting.

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