(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This charming over 125-year-old Bidjov Shirvan expresses a delightful collaboration of ancient tribal devices and abstract stylizations that make this revered sub-type coveted by Caucasian weaving enthusiasts. It boasts a seldom-found Pompeian red field in contrast to the traditional midnight indigo with three pairs of louvered rams horns encircling evocative sunbursts. A sense of movement is expressed through subtle asymmetry and the spontaneous rendering of each beautifully drawn motif surrounding the central configuration. On either side, columns of hyper-geometric rosettes are each placed slightly out of alignment with each other, conveying a gentle swaying. Small-scale forms whirl and exert their visual gravity on one another in the interstitial spaces between larger elements. From pie chart florets, stencil-like daisies, enigmatic S-shaped squiggles, and constellations of tiny ivory crosses, the more you look, the more you see! The width range of scale adds even more depth to the composition. Differing improvised accent bands enclose a classic chalice and oak leaf main border. This striking piece with its glowing patina hacomes to us in primarily medium pile condition.

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