(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This idiosyncratic, infectiously joyous rug breaks away from the more traditional Khamseh tribal pattern language. A robust ivory medallion fills the width of an ember red reserve, containing numerous poppy blooms, a primary theme of this incredibly handsome long rug. Ivory corner spandrels with truncated lattice designs balance and interact with the shield-shaped centerpiece. The field is dramatically enlivened by a multitude of flashy sprouting boteh or Seeds of Life, each richly faceted in complementary hues harboring the building blocks of fantastical flora within. Between the massive boteh, a profusion of freely drawn motifs, including blue and gold poppy blossoms, a trail of daisy rosettes, and beguiling woven tessera-like resulting from spontaneous artistic impulse. The charming border suite must be an original interpretation with sprouting mobilesque poppies appearing to balance upon one another in the vertical, slightly teetering yet balanced with outstretched branches. In good pile condition, this antique Persian tribal corridor carpet would invigorate a spacious foyer or transitional space or make an exciting statement as a hanging tapestry.

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