(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") High-quality Mahajiran Sarouks, such as this glorious room-size piece, are noted for their luxurious quality of wool, which is lanolin-rich and offers an extraordinarily luminous sheen. Floating on a reserve of deep indigo, the color palette of the bustling foliage is rich in golds and bronzes, rust reds, with splashes of emerald and celadon greens throughout. Two Art Deco shield-shaped vases point toward the central radial bouquet where a half dozen species of flowers are represented. Lustrous heavy pile amplifies any light that strikes the surface, creating the warm, fiery glow that courses through every beauteous botanical spray and lush tangle. Prolific blossoming vinery and palmettes are not constrained by individual borders and flow uninhibited across the entire frame. Outstanding durability and excellent quality of construction have made this style a perennial favorite as the best Mahajiran Sarouk rugs such as this are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing in virtually any decor.

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