(Connoisseur-Caliber) Aptly representing the eclecticism of the highly sought after 19th century Bakshaish carpets, this singular over 160-year-old that room-size presents a striking, original design that mesmerizes in its marrying of elegant and elemental artistic strains. The diamond central medallion radiates from a completely unadorned, dark persimmon-toned field, providing the only open space between the medallion and the corners of this rug like a curtain that reveals what lies beneath the intriguing overall lattice design. A profusion of the revered "Bakshaish blue" undulates in gentle washes of abrash behind the partially transparent, rhythmic pattern of interlocking hexagonal and diamond shapes that imbues this village piece with a soothing, quietly animated ambiance. This regal village work is the seamless combination of artistic invention and excellent craftsmanship that connoisseurs of Bakshaish carpets gravitate to.

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