(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Reflecting the heralded attributes from the acclaimed City weaving paradigm of Tabriz, this 120-year-old piece offers the signature palette of perspicaciously combined, time-softened earthy tones seen in no other Persian rug style. The idea to capture through the hand-knotting process an ephemeral ray of sunlight fascinated mature weavers who accomplished this variation of hue at the dyeing stage. Resulting 'abrashed' color streaks appear across a burnt copper reserve while an elegantly contoured teardrop medallion and diminutive palmette pendants float upon it. Judicious punctuations of Egyptian blue, spruce green, and chocolate brown support the various florid ornamentation of the field. Finely crafted and in fabulous heavier-pile condition, this stately rug will make a refined classical statement in numerous applications around the sophisticated home.

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