(High-Decorative) Offering a sublimely understated ambiance at approxmately 150 years of age, this is an exceptionally delicately designed Sultanabad that embodies individual nuance and an unexpected color palette. This unusually wide, oversize carpet is the product of centuries of technical and aesthetic mastery, seen in its abundance of difficult-to-dye tones with sandstone, bright ivory, saffron yellow, jaeger green, coral, and taupe joining together in a symphonic performance of the traditional Herati all-over pattern. Its inviting patina makes selected elements, such as certain illumined Shah Abbas palmettes within the profusely patterned main border, stand out with subtle emphasis. In part due to great versatility and ability to create a sumptuous backdrop, excellent quality all-over pattern Sultanabads are widely used in both traditional and modern decors. An engaging blend of immersive composition and mellifluous color makes it especially desirable.

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