(High-Decorative) Boasting the most beloved patent design of the Bakhtiari tribe, this unusually narrow rug features a concatenation of touchingly rendered arboreal depictions of multi-tiered pine trees with attendant mythical Persian firebirds and feather-like cypresses in an adaptation of the Garden motif. Masterfully shaded cabbage roses abound in the field and cartouches within the border, in varying scales viewed from divergent perspectives. A welcoming counterbalance is created by the interplay between light and dark elements, with radiant hues of azure, sand, rose ivory, and persimmon accents that perfectly harmonize with the potent lapidary tones of jade green, burnished gold, cobalt, and carnelian. In excellent heavy pile condition, this brilliant Persian tribal rug is an ideal find for the lover of significant beauty and timeless spirit. Excellent pile makes it perfect to bedeck even a heavy trafficked space.

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