(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Abundant creativity, spontaneity of design, and a saturated jewel palette of naturally dyed hues bring intense energy to this incredible long rug from Shirvan, one of the principal weaving areas of the Caucasus. A wealth of charming creations, variations, and asymmetries meet the eye, accomplished with dazzling precision and joyful spirit around an axial chain of seven hexagon variants. Beyond the esoteric emblems and polygons in an immense range of scale, all creatures great and small seem to populate the sapphire ground, from small canines to mid-sized horses to large mythical beasts. An unusual assortment of otherworldly figures fraternizes with the aforementioned menagerie. A kinetic tripartite border series features elemental dragon forms, elaborate reciprocal crenellations, and sun wheel roundels in the outer cobalt band.

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