(High-Decorative) The timeless design of this uncommonly square-shaped antique Heriz was created at the apex of the evolution of this classic genre, which would soon be usurped by the commercialism of the 1920s. Its beautifully expansive grand medallion unfurls in kaleidoscopic layers of illumined petals and palmettes. A splendiferous array of fanciful botanical motifs, each "hand-drawn" with a decided whimsy, fill the stepped-edge reserve. An exhilarating palette of expressive natural dyes is on display, where jade and mint greens are masterfully juxtaposed with platinum, peach tones, golden wheat, bronze, and ivory to great harmonious effect by weavers. Its lyrical Shah Abbas border is a pleasure to trace with the eye. Woven with northwest Azerbaijan's renowned lanolin-rich mountain wool, the heavier pile surface is lustrous while offering a strong, hard-wearing tensile strength.

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