(High-Decorative) This magnificent Mahajiran Sarouk carpet expresses a pattern language filled with lyrical grandeur melded with a painstakingly wrought, splendiferously luminescent color palette. Its expansive denim blue field contains innumerable nuances of hue through a dextrous abrash technique, rippling the surface like a pool blown by a gentle breeze. This oversize Persian rug features a notably spacious design that includes pastel-tone floral ornaments that are much lighter and delicately rendered than is characteristically found in carpets of the prized Mahajiran subgroup of Sarouk rugs. They are famous not only for these elegant floral motifs but for their lush, tactile characteristics. Exceptional quality lamb's wool adds to this Persian town rug's profound opulence, magnetism, and vibrancy. Its resplendent pile emanates a deep luster that amplifies the overall majestic yet welcoming atmosphere. This carpet is the ultimate selection for those who seek the luxury of ultra-soft, sumptuous surface and unblemished condition.

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